Chapter 1 : The Start Of The Journey

In a world that called [Luran] a fantasy like world, a world with a Floating islands, vast lands , large seas , high mountains , hot deserts , mystical places and many more , there where lived many kind of races and dangerous monsters.  lived a young man , a young man who had a power , power that could change the future of the world , this is a story of a young man and his companions who fought the evil to change the future and bring the peace to the world

In the east of [Luran] in the mountains there was a small village with few houses in one of these houses there was a single young man,
the young man had a black hair, green eyes his body build was average and he wears yellow feather earrings. His attire consists of a blue shirt with white gloves, black pants with white boots

“Not here… Not here…Not Here…., it is nowhere to be found!” (the young man)
The young man said while panicking

Then he saw a book with brown cover under his Pillow

The boy picked up the book
On the cover of the book was strange golden-colored mark and under it was written [Celestial records]

” I FINALLY FOUND IT ” (the young man)
The young man moved the book in front of him with a shaking hands

” I thought i`ve lost it” (the young man)

Then he hugged the book and let out a sigh of relief

“Hmm? what is the book that you are hugging Leo” (the young man 2)
the young man was called [Leo]

And the one who was talking to Leo was also a young man who was around Leo`s age he had a pure white colored hair and skin and brilliant blue eyes with average build like Leo He was wearing a blue shirt and cape with white and yellow embellishments. His pants were white, apart from the ends, which are blue

“It is the book that we read when we were kids [celestial records] I thought that I lost it” (Leo)

“Eh!, good thing you found it” (the young man 2)

“Yeah~” (Leo)

“By the way gramps ordered us to go to the ruin in [Alaras mountain] and pick up some materials for him” (the young man 2)

“Okay Rei I will start the preparation” (Leo)

The other young man was called [Rei] he was Leo`s rival and best friend

“Okay I will wait for you at the entrance of the village” (Rei)

Leo watched Rei who was leaving then started his preparation he took his sword and a bag then put some potion, rope, snack and a short sword in it then gone to the entrance of the village where Rei waited for him

“You`re ready ?” (Rei)

“Yes let’s go” (Leo)


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6 Responses to Chapter 1 : The Start Of The Journey

  1. cryum says:

    English isn’t your first language, is it? It’s very, very obvious, after looking at your grammar. Also, you should use capitalization properly.

    Liked by 1 person

    • ShiroXx says:

      yes… i`m trying to improve my English that`s one of the reasons of why i wrote an story qwq + can you give me an example ?

      Liked by 1 person

      • First word of a sentence has a capitalizes first letter like what I just did. Also, the i for a first person view is capitalized like on the first sentence of this comment.

        Also, you seem to forget some “”

        Liked by 1 person

      • ShiroXx says:

        Thanks 🙂 will keep that in mind + o-o didn`t notice that

        Liked by 1 person

      • cryum says:

        Capitalize the first letter at the start of every sentence. Seriously, that sort of thing turns people off.

        Don’t use emoticons when writing, or asking people for help in writing. Using emoticons implies that you don’t want to give an honest effort. Have the self-confidence to believe that the emotions you want to convey are in the words you speak/type.

        Read more. Not unofficially translated titles, but english literature that was certified. Get a feel for proper grammar that way, if you don’t intend to read textbooks about writing like Elements of Style.

        Liked by 1 person

      • ShiroXx says:

        Eh! it was that big of deal!?.

        (But they are cute~).

        Well I know it is wrong to do that… but it is the best and the fastest way to learn, at least
        better then knowing nothing.

        …. didn`t know that using emotions was that bad….will keep that in mind.

        Will try hard to do that.

        Okay I will do that.

        My problem is that I don`t know what is the best way to say what is in my mind, I can image the move that the characters will do but it is hard to pick the best words for it when you don`t have enough knowledge, so I will try harder to learn, I want to write a Good story that why I have to do that.

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