Chapter 2 : Killer Mantis Queen

When the two started their journey. it was about noon and from their village to [Alaras mountain] was about 2 hour of walking and to get there they should have walked through [Aine forest]


 [Aine forest] noon time ~

After one and half hour of walking

“Rei what materials gramps ordered us to get ?”(Leo)

“Mmm, light stone, some medical herb and…!? Leo looks like there is some monster here” (Rei )

Rei looked at one of the trees there was 2 bug like monster with light green colored body. They were about 150 cm in height and had a scythe for hands

“The [Killer mantis] huh…though they are just workers, we can deal with them easily” (Leo)

Leo put down his bag and unsheathed his sword and Rei take out his long staff

“Here we go ” (Leo)

Leo rushed toward the two mantis while Rei started chanting

One of the mantis started attacking Leo with his two scythe like hands, Leo avoided every attack and with a swift attack he cut one of the deadly mantis`s hands, the mantis let out a loud cry and attacked Leo violently with his other arm but he avoided them all and after saying *too slow*  Leo cut the deadly mantis`s head and in the next moment the mantis`s body fell on the ground and stopped moving

On the other hand Rei ended his chanting and casted [Double Stream] from his stuff two water stream that look like snake dancing in midair come out and hit the mantis right in the chest and send it flying after that he casted [Frost] a blue orb come out of his staff and hit the deadly mantis`s foot and it`s foot got frozen then deadly mantis started to break the ice that froze his foot but he wasn’t fast enough, Rei ended his next chant and casted [Ice Needle] a dozens of small ice needle pierced the mantis`s body and crushed it , the mantis let out a painful cry and then stopped moving and died while standing because his foot was frozen

“Nice job” (Leo)

“You too. though they were just workers haa…” (Rei)

“You are no fun R-” (Leo)

Before he could end his sentence a dark shadow with a lightning speed came out of the woods aiming for Leo`s head, but Leo noticed the shadow`s movement and was able to dodge it just in time with a fast rolling.

When Leo got up he saw a big dark green colored mantis standing where he was just a moment ago

“Kuh, this one is bad news” (Leo)

“Why would the [Killer mantis queen] come out of her nest, isn’t she supposed to be the queen!?” (Rei)

With a bang the Killer mantis queen kicked the ground and aiming for the two`s head like that their fight started

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