Chapter 3 : Leo and Rei VS Killer Mantis Queen

With a Bang Killer Mantis Queen kicked the ground and started attacking
She moved at incredible speed as she aimed at Leo`s head, he was surprised at the queen’s speed but it wasn’t time for being surprised

When the queen was about to hit him , he with a fast move took out his sword and block her attack that made the queen to screech in fury

“Ugh..” (Leo)

The queen attacked Leo, but he avoid it with a fast backstepping and making a distance between them, then the two start to move in circle. The queen kicked the ground with amazing speed and was about to attack him, Rei ended his chanting and casted [Frost] a ball sized blue colored orb come out of his staff , but the queen noticed him and dodged the blue orb as it hit the ground which she was standing on just a moment ago freezing it

“Tch, it didn’t hit” (Rei)

The queen changed her target to Rei and moved attack him but….


Leo blocked the mantis queen`s attack with his sword then with a fast move he tried to cut one of her arms but the Deadly Mantis Queen jumped backward, an ice like spears come out of the ground that was frozen by the blue orb [Frost]  that hit the ground before and pierced the queen. she was able to cut some and avoid some of them but not all of them, still she got a massive damage from it , just after she escaped from the ice spears Leo with a swift move cut the mantis queen`s body to half separating the top and bottom before she even notice him, then she fell to the ground with a green blood flowing out like river from the body.

The ice spear that come out of the ground was Rei`s spell [Magic Trap : Ice Spears]

“Wow that was tough” (Leo)

Just after he said that he let his gourd down and the upper half of the queen`s body moved and tried to attack him, just before it hit an ice wall was made between him and the queen and the attack was completely blocked, then Leo pierced Killer Mantis Queen`s head and with a cry the Deadly Mantis Queen stopped moving and died.

“Thanks Rei that was close” (Leo)

“Don’t let your guard down again” (Rei)

“Okay~” (Leo)
said Leo casually

“You are always like that, just what do I do with you” (Rei)
Said Rei while sighing

Leo walked back to grab his bag but just before his hand touches the bag a loud sound came from the ground


“an earthquake ?” (Leo)

Just after he said that the ground cracked and opened up swallowing the two…

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