Chapter 4 : The Ruin

After falling for a while

“AHHHHH~…..” (Leo)

“Ugh, this is bad” (Suyrei)

Suyrei looked around for a way to save them and noticed a circle like grand that was water flowing around it under them and said *Nice*, then he chanted then said [Natural water ball – Big] the water around the ground float then turned into a big water ball and the two And the two fell in it then the ball slowly come near the ground and it exploded like a bubble

“*CoughCough*” (Leo)

“Leo are you okay “(Suyrei)

“Yea, *CoughCough* thanks “(Leo)

Then he got up slowly and looked around him the places width was about 20m in each direction and its height was about 10m and in the center of ceiling was a 5m wide hole it was the hole that the two fell from it

“This is… a Ruin ? to think there was Ruin under [Aine Forest]”  (Leo)

The two looked up and saw that the exit was far that it was impossible to climb

“I don’t think that we can climb this” (Leo)

“Yea”  (Suyrei)

“For now lets look around” (Suyrei)

Then the two looked around them and saw strange words and some pictures on the walls and one big picture on the center of one of the walls

“This is the same picture that was in [Celestial Records]. this pictures are for the hero who wields the sacred sword!!!”  (Leo)

Leo said this with a sparkling eyes

“The words are worn out and can’t be read, not like we can read the words anyway, this ruin must be pretty old one” (Suyrei)

“Yes I think it is for the ancient people who worshiped the hero of sword” (Leo)

” Heeh~”(Suyrei)

Leo looked around and saw something strange under the picture of hero of sword

There was two handles and a very thin stright line between them

“Hmm? this is handle then is this a door?” (Leo)

Leo grab the handles and put a little stragnth and pulled it and the door slowly opened and a long path appeared in front of them

“Should we take this path I am little curious to see where does it take us  “(Leo)

“Well it is not like we have any other way to go, so yea let’s go” (Suyrei)

Then they walked through it …


After a while of walking

The path ended to a big room that very long trees were grown near the walls of the room, the room was halved to three places one was upper then the other one and looked like [D] and Leo and Suyrei was on it and a lower place that was very wide and between those two was a hole that was very deep , deep enough to not see where it ends
(Author : Image a place like this D[]C[  ]) ( D the upper place) ( [] the hole ) ( C[  ] the lower place)
There was a light coming from the hole on the ceiling

When the two looked at the lower places ground they saw a girl who was unconscious on the ground

“Is that a Human ?” (Leo)

Suyrei nodded
“Yes it is a Human” (Suyrei)

Just after that the ground under the two started to shaking and a *BamBamBam* sound could be heard from behind them that was getting closer the two looked back and saw…

“What is that, a big crab ? “(Leo)

“I think it was called [Blue Iron Crab] I heard about him from gramps he is very strong and his shell is very tough I don’t think that we can beat him with the power that we have right now “(Suyrei)

“We will see about that” (Leo)


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