Chapter 5 : The Fight and The Knight

“HAAAAA…..” (Leo)

“Oi don’t be reckless” (Suyrei)

Suyrei started chanting and Leo rushed toward the Crab
(Author : mhm will just call the [Blue Iron crab] ,the Crab)(Author2 : lazy as ever lol)

When Leo got to the crab attack range the crab started attacking with its huge claws but Leo avoid his attack by jumping backward and prrying some of it with his sword
and when the crab moved his claw downward to attack his claw stuck in the ground and Leo took this chance and jumped on the crab claw and from there to the crab back and  he tried to cut one of the claws from the joints but when his sword hit the joints, with the sound of *CrackCrack* the sword shattered into pieces

“Ehh!!?” (Leo)

Leo was dumbfounded and the crab tried to hit Leo who was on his back with his claw but then he notice that his body was frozen yes it was Suyrei [frost] spell that shot it to protect Leo

Suyrei shouted
“LEO GET BACK” (Suyrei)

Leo jumped from the back of the crab and run toward Suyrei

“What should we do ?”(Leo)

“No idea” (Suyrei)

Then Leo looked down to the deep hole then he saw something strange

From behind  *Crackcrack* sound from the ice that was holding back the crab could be heard

“Suyrei when the ice break and he get near jump straight” (Leo)

The ice that was holding back the crab break and he rushed toward the two, when he got near the two jumped at the same time, and the crab jumped after them , Leo grabbed Suyrei then trow a rope that had a hook on the end of it to the ground that they were on, the hook stuck in the ground and prevent them from falling while the crab fell.


While the crab was falling he hit something

“!!” (Suyrei)

Suyrei was surprised

“So this was your plan” (Suyrei)

Suyrei chanted then fired a blue ord and aimed the blue orb to where the crab hit something

When the orb hit that place an invisible bridge was shown up with a blue color

Then the two jumped on the bridge

“Good job noticing the invisible bridge (Suyrei)

“Hehehe” ( Leo)

Though it`s nothing to brag about”(Suyrei)

“Just when I thought you were praising me …” (Leo)

“Come lets hurry” (Suyrei)

Then the two rushed toward the lower place


On the lower place~

“Is she alive ?” (Leo)

The two was looking at the girl who was unconscious on the ground

The girl had a long red hair and pale skin and her dress was like knights She was wearing black, gold, and silver armor on her arms and legs. Her attire consists of a red and white tunic and black shorts she was quite a pretty and looked like a nobles

“I think she is but what is someone like her doing here” (Leo)

“I guess she fell down from up there” (Suyrei)

Suyrai  pointed at the big hole that was on the Ceiling

“Anyway don’t get yourself involved with humans, let’s go” (Suyrei)

“Hmm…” (Leo)

Tried to wake the girl by shaking her shoulder with his hand

“Leo!!” (Suyrei)

“Um, are you all right?” (Leo)

Then the knight like girl opened her eyes slowly


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