Chapter 6 : Fated encounter

“She is waking up” (Leo)

“….” (Surei)

“Ugh…” (the girl)

The girl slowly opened her eye
her eyes was red

“Are you okay?” (Leo)

“Yes… I remember that I was in the forest…!!!? ” (the girl)

The girl noticed Leo and with a fast moment she grabed her spear made a distance between leo and her and pointed her spear toward Leo

“Ah” (Leo)

“Who are you , where are you from , where is this place , what am i doing here  and what were you going to do with me” (the girl)

“Err.. I am Leo from a village near here and this place is a Ruin in underground of [Aine forest] and I guess you fell from there *Leo pointed to the ceiling* and nothing I just fell here like you and was trying to find an exit then I found you” (Leo)

“Really…” (the girl)

The girl put away her spear then Suyrei come close to the girl with serious face then yell * WA*
Leo looked at him wideopen-eyed but the girl didn’t even gaze at him (him = Suyrei)
Leo was surprised that she didn’t notice him, then girl noticed Leo`s surprised gaze

“Hm? “(the girl)

“N-nothing nothing” (Leo)

“She is really an ordinary human huh…” (Surei)

“Soo~ whats your name and what are you doing in a place like this” (Leo)

” none of your concern , anyway I am going out of here” (the girl)
the girl says with a seirous face

The girl looked around to find a way then turned her back to the two and started walking to the a door like wall at the right side of the place and tried to push it with a *garagara* sound the door opened and there was a stairs was going to up and the girl stoped for a while then gone up the stairs

“….” (Surei)



” A Scream!? it is coming from the girl” (Leo)

“Oi, Leo!”(Surei)

Leo rushed and Surei after him toward the door and gone up the stairs and saw a vast room that there was few long tree near the wall like the other room and a water flow on the ground like snakes
On the center of the room was Silver haired fox-like person with an assassin like cloth and thick dark aura and next to him was the knight girl on the ground coughing up blood


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