Chapter 7 : Hellion

You little girl you think that you can hide from me (the fox-like guy)
(Author : he is human not fox he just looks like fox :V)

With a kick the fox guy send the girl flying and with a *BAM* sound the girl crushed to the wall while coughing up blood

Then the fox guy noticed Leo
“What do we have here, are you gonna interrupt my meal ?” (the fox guy)

A chill come down their spine because of fox guy`s deadly glare that was full of bloodlust

“This guy… he`s not normal…that awful appearance he`s probably… a [Hellion] “(Suyrei)

“A Hellion ?! “(Leo)

Suyrei nodded
“A fearsome monsters that born from the impurity….Hellion , they can only be defeated by the [Purification] spell that only the high spirit can use it … meaning we cannot defeat it, gramps told us to run away if we met one … he is probably the reason of why all of those monster come out and attacked us” (Suyrei)

“But at this rate this girl will … “(Leo)

“Keh” (Leo)

“Leo!!” (Suyrei)

Leo rushed while taking out a small-sword
(Author : not the sword that broke in his fight with the crab )

“(If I can make him back away from there at least)” (Leo)
Leo tried to slash the fox person, the fox guy block the sword bare hand

“Hey hey you think you can kill me with a toy like that” (fox guy)

“AHAHAHAHA DIE!!” (fox guy)
A dark flame come out of his hand and he attack Leo violently with*Whoosh* sound that cut the air a dark flame could be seen from where he cut the air
Leo avoided the attack by inch

“(Ugh what a power … so this is the power of the Hellion it is completely different from the heavenly arts )” (Leo)

Behind Leo was the girl lying on the ground

” Are you okay ? can you stand ?” (Leo)

“You are … that guy… “Coughcough” why are you here… “Coughcough” it`s dangerous here, hurry up and run he is not someone you can beat..” (the girl)

“Well I dont think I can do that” (Leo)

“Did your little chit-chat ended I was getting bored now here I come Kehehehe” ( the fox guy)

The fox guy rushed toward the two ( Leo and the girl) Leo cut the fox guy in front of him but ….

“Eh!!? ” ( Leo)

It was an after image of the fox guy
Then from back he heard “LEO BEHIND YOU” he turned back and saw the fox guy

“Too late” ( fox guy)

With a “Swoosh” sound the fox guy tried to cut Leo`s Shoulder with a “Klang” sound Leo blocked his attack with his sword but small area from his cloth burned from the fox guy`s dark flame that was coming out from his hands

“Kuh” (Leo)

“Heheh not bad brat… you..are you scared? right now i`m really hyped though…wha- !!?” (the fox guy)

two stream from water that was like dancing in the mid-air attacked the fox guy,the fox guy clicked his tungoe and jumped backward to avoid it, the two stream hit the ground with  making water splash everywhere”Y-you are late Suyrei” (Leo)

Suyrei let out a sigh

“It is your fault for rushing… be careful he is coming” (Suyrei)

“EAT THIS” (The fox guy)
A dark fireball come out of his hand and rushed toward the two, just before it hit Suyrei made a giant water wall and the fire-ball hit it making steam Leo took this chance and jumped behind the fox guy and slashed his leg, then the fox guy tried to hit him but…

[Double Stream]” (Suyrei)

The two stream from water come out again from Suyrei staff and attack the fox guy

“Shit” (fox guy)

He jumped to avoid the two water stream, then Leo with a swift attack slashed fox guy`s waist

“!!?” (fox guy)

“(One more attack)” (Leo)

“Ugh…” (fox guy)

“SUYREI” (Leo)

“[Soaring Stream]” (Suyrei)

A pillar of watter come out of  the ground and hit the fox guy than he was sent flying then Leo jumped and kicked the fox guy and with a *Bam* the fox guy crushed into the ground



The knight girl eye was wide-open from seeing Leo fighting like that

“(What in the world is this man`s power… ? this is just like in the legends!)” (the girl)


The fox guy stand up

“(this place has some irking influence I can’t use my full power…i guess its time to leave…)” (The fox guy )

“Kuh.. you done well you damn bastard my name is Silva you better remember it cause I will come for my revenge…” (Silva)

Silva turned into a fire and disappeared


Don`t chase after him this guy is a Hellion (Suyrei)

“A Hellion…” (Leo)


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