Chapter 8 : Lilith the knight

“Thanks to your help I`m safe , I`m grateful … and sorry for my last behavior … my name is Lilith, Lilith crimson heart  I`m a knight from the capital…err sorry can I ask you your name again ?” (Lilith)

“No no it is fine anyone would do that if they saw a strange man in front of them just when they woke up… ah and my name is Leo and nice to meet you…hum~… “(Leo)

Suyrei seated between them and stared at Lilith with a serious face

“I-is something wrong Leo ?” (Lilith)

“N-nothing…” (Leo)

“Nope she don’t see me (Author :  “Notice me Senpai \*^*/” (Suyrei)  “Senpai will never notice you… “(Leo) ) Unlike you Leo she is just an ordinary human” (Suyrei)

“Oh by the way what is a knight from the capital doing here ?” (Leo)

“Tha-that is …” (Lilith)

“Hmm ?” (Leo)

“W-well now if you will excuse me” (Lilith)

Lilith grabbed her spear and stood up

“Eh ?” (Leo)

“I have to make preparations to return to the capital” (Lilith)

Suyrei put his hand on Leo`s Shoulder and said

“Let`s go as well” (Suyrei)

Leo faced Suyrei and said

“There are lots of monsters wandering around here and that fox guy too it`s dangerous to let her go by herself” (Leo)

“Hm, who are you talking Leo ?” (Lilith)

“Ah..ahah just myself… oh that`s right! you should come to my place!” (Leo)

“HUUUUUUUH ?!!” (Suyrei)
Suyrei was dumbfounded

“Gramps is on the village so I think that guy wont be able to enter so easily you can prepare yourself there as well” (Leo)


“He is the older of our village” (Leo)

“Mm …is… that alright?.. to invite someone you don’t know anything about like me to go there ?” (Lilith)

“That`s right Leo we shouldn`t get involved with humans ! besides if we take her to the village… what will gramps say” (Suyrei)

“I can’t turn my back on a person in need … that’s all “(Leo)
Leo said with a cheerful face then Suyrei Let out a sigh

“… I tried to stop you…” (Suyrei)

“hehe…” (Leo)

Lilith smiled when she heard him say that

“Now where is the exit ?” (Leo)

“That fox guy come out of that door i think we can find the exit if we go there” (Lilith)

“Okay then let’s go” (Leo)

Then the three walked to the exit …


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