Chapter 10 : The Lurking Darkness In The World

When Leo left the elder house some of the villagers Waved their hands and near them Lilith was sleeping while lying on one of the boulders near the lake then he run to her
then with a small voice said..

“I`m sorry I took so long. you must be tired” (Leo)

Lilith slowly opened her eye

“It`s fine. are you done?” (Lilith)

Leo nodded

Then two walked to the house and entered it

When they entered Lilith looked around the house
In Leo`s house was many books on the ground and in the bookshelf , there was a shelf on the wall that had many thing like pot,dishes,mirror , etc and more books on it and a bed in the right side of the room and in the center was a small wooden table and the fireplace was in the end of the room

“You rest here I will make some food” (Leo)

Then Leo started preparing food.

In Leo`s house~ night time

after he done cooking he put the food on the table

“thanks for waiting, now dig in!” (Leo)

On the table, in one dish was two big chicken leg, on other dish was some fruits and the side dish was a yellow soup and the main dish was a rice with a red sauce on it and a small red Cubic jelly like thing scattered around it

“This is… “(Lilith)

Leo With a sparkling eye and a bright smile said
“Hehehe, it is food I made it myself” (Leo)

Lilith grabbed the spoon and tried to eat one of the Cubic jelly things with a half disliked face she did it forcefully just out of manner, then when she gulped it

“It`s very delicious!” (Lilith)
she was amazed with the deliciousness of the food

“Hehe, By the way you came from the capital right? what king of place is it ?” (Leo)

“The place I live in is the capital of the kingdom of highland [Shaher]” (Lilith)

*With a sparkling eye*
“Shaher, you mean the one in the legend of the Sacred Weapons ?! spear, bow , hammer and sword (Author : VERY SORRY READERS ;w; , I wanted to put the shield but he is SO OP I mean he is God lel so I though that hammer is better (at least weaker :v ) ), Shaher is where the sacred sword is ” (Leo)

*Lilith nodded*
“You`re well informed” (Lilith)

*With a PikaPika eye*
“It was in the celestial records the legend says that the one able to draw out the sacred Weapon protected by the Great spirit will become the chosen one , one of those who fight the calamity to bring the peace to the world, right” (Leo)

“the celestial record have you read them as well ?” (Lilith)

Leo nodded

*Again with pikachu eye*

Leo showed Lilith a book that had a strange mark on the cover and was written [Celestial Records] under the mark

*with a cheerful face and pikapika eye*
” *As well* does that means…” (Leo)

*with a Cheerful face*
“Yes I`ve read them countless times since i was a child” (Lilith)

*Then suddenly Lilith face become gloomy*
“My hometown Shaher is a capital blessed with water sources , it used to be full of people fond of festivals and drinking” (Lilith)

“Hmm..? *used to* ?” (Leo)

“It was certainly the case… in the past” (Lilith)

“Life`s hard for the people outside too, huh?” (Leo)

“Outside ?” (Lilith)

“I mean the people who live beyond the mountain.  I`ve never actually left this place” (Leo)

*With Surprised face*
“You`ve always lived here all by yourself ?!!” (Lilith)

“Ahaha… but you know I`ve read them again and again since I was a kid”(Leo)

Leo closed his eyes then moved his right hand near his heart then said *my dream…*

“Is to someday explore all the Ruins present in this world” (Leo and Lilith)

*With a surprised face*
“Eh!” (Leo)

“Anyone who has read the celestial records would say that , that includes me but with the current state of the world we cannot talk about such a dream anymore” (Lilith)

“?” (Leo)

“Could we perhaps go outside for a while?” ( Lilith)

Then the two gone outside of the house


Under the light of the moon the two sat on a boulder near the lake, after a little silence Lilith started talking ….

“…For several decades now, unexplainable disasters have been occurring in the whole world” (Lilith)

“Disasters ?” (Leo)

“From mysterious monsters to everlasting storms people suddenly spontaneously combusting there are even absurd rumors of corpses walking again… because of all those events occurring around the world all our resources will probably diminish in the near future,and famine will follow and the worst problem of all : as countries lose their resources, they might wage war over the remaining ones once that happens we wont be able to stop it…” (Lilith)

” Isnt there any other way ?” (Leo)

“I couldn`t think of any which is why i`m turning to the legends and going on a journey to find clues… I couldn`t find any though”(Lilith)

“so that why you came here…[The Legend Of The Mighty Heroes]…” (Leo)

“Long ago in the mythical era, whenever the world was covered in darkness he would always make his appearance to reclaim the light” (Lilith)

“Even as time passes, whenever the world falls into calamity people will speak of the legend and pray for salvation… at this moment,the heroes will appear and rid the world of darkness however…” (Leo)

“Once peace befalls onto people the heroes will vanish from their hearts ,only leaving the legend behind…” (Lilith)

Then Leo in small voice muttered

“(The Heroes)” (Leo)


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