Chapter 9 : Ralysia the village of spirits

[Aine Forest: underground ruin]~ evening time

After walking for a while dim light could be seen from the distance

“That`s… the exit” (Leo)

The light got stronger with every step they took and then they finally got on the surface … The time was around evening and in the area around them was many trees

“This place… I think it is south of [Aine Forest] my village is near here so let’s go” (Leo)

Lilith nodded

“(…. We didn’t get the materials that the gramps told us to get plus we are even bringing a human to the village we are lucky if gramps don’t kill us …)” (Suyrei)

Then the three walked in the village direction

Near the entrance of the village~

“This is my village [Ralysia] ” (Leo)

In the area that Leo pointed was grass and some big boulders and a small lake and because it was on the mountain a clouds near the ground could be seen but no house could be seen in there

“Hm, but I don’t see anything” (Lilith)

“Come” (Leo)

“To where ?” (Lilith)

“Just come” (Leo)

After moving around 5 steps on the sixth step half of Leo`s body disappeared

“Eh!!?” (Lilith)

“Don`t worry it is gramps barrier he put it to prevent the entry of invaders” (Leo)

“Leo, you sure about letting a stranger like me in your village ?” (Lilith)

” Well you don’t look like a bad guy so isn’t it fine ?” (Leo)
Leo said with a smile
then Lilith let out a small smile in response to Leo

“…..” (Suyrei)
Suyrei was just watching those two silently

Then after the next step Leo disappeared then his hand appeared and moved like it is saying “come in” then Lilith walked slowly and entered the barrier of the village

After that Lilith looked around the area and saw some ancient pillars that was made from pretty colored stones and few houses that were made from stones like the one in the pillars

” Your village is very beautiful” (Lilith)
Lilith said with amazed face

” Hehehe… it is… isn’t it” (Leo)

“Leo I will go inform gramps about this” (Suyrei)

” I guess we can`t keep it a secret~” (Leo)

” You will come after this right” (Suyrei)

Leo nodded and after that Suyrei walked to the house in the center of the village and entered it

” Come Lilith” (Leo)

After walking for a while villagers noticed Leo and their eye was wide open when they saw Lilith

” Oi oi Leo why did you brought a human to the village ?” (Villager1)

” Yea the elder wont stay silent on this one Leo” (Villager2)

“I  will talk to gramps after i lead her to my house” (Leo)

” Hmm… Leo to who are you talking ?” (Lilith)

” Ahh, nobody” (Leo)

Just after that a bright Lightning come out from nowhere and hit the house that Suyrei entered

” (Crap gramps is really angry)” (Leo)
Leo`s face become pale

” What was that!!?” (Lilith)

” Ah…nothing this happen sometimes but don’t worry it will happen just near that house” (Leo)

“….” (Lilith)

” Anyway don’t worry…ah and Lilith that’s my house you can go ahead and rest there. I have to go inform gramps about your coming” (Leo)

” Is it all right if I look around the village ?” (Lilith)

” Hmm, sure just don`t make anyone angry, there are some spirits living here” (Leo)

” Hehehe you are a funny guy… okay I will be careful to not make them angry” (Lilith)

” Hehehe” (Leo)

After this Leo Rushed to the house in the center entered it and after a moment another lightning hit the house
” !!!” (Lilith)

” (This place is beautiful but strange…)” (Lilith)

Lilith walked to Leo`s house and looked around her

” (It is strange there is nobody here… it is really strange )” (Lilith)

Then she wondered around the village

In the center house~

When Leo entered the biggest house in front of him was an old person that the hair near his forehead that was going upward (Author :Mhm… Ahoge) and two hair that was on the sides of his head was going backward had a yellow color and was like a lightning other than that was white hair (Like any old man) that was tied from back , you could see so many wrinks on his face duo to age , the elder had brown skin and small build, the elder was sitting on circular carpet with a long pipe in his left hand and a Rage aura coming out of him

” YOU FOOLS!!!” (the elder)

The elder yell at the two and a lightning striked the house the two sat down on knee with a pale face


” I`m sorry gramps I just couldn’t leave her… ” (Leo)
Leo said with apologetic face

The elder let out a sigh
“Humans will only bring misfortune to this land i`ve always told you that haven`t I “(the elder)

“I`m also a human” (Leo)

“…..”(the elder)

The elder let out a sigh again
” You`ve always lived together with us, since you were just a baby, you`re able to sense our presence and converse with us those are things an ordinary human cannot do this is the huge difference between you and them” (the elder)

“Even so she`s the first human Leo met” (suyrei)

elder looked at the two with a serious face
“I wouldn’t call someone who cannot see or hear things in the same way as we do a companion we can live together with… for the sake of protecting you as well as this place we must remove unnecessary invaders, once she finishes her preparations tomorrow we will send her back to lower world understood ?” (the elder)

“Yes…” (Leo)
Then Leo walked toward the door with a *plodplod* sound and a depressed face and leaved the house

With a worried face
“Gramps…” (Suyrei)

“I understand Suyrei,  that’s boy`s feelings are straightforward and sincere, that is exactly why I am worried about him” (the elder)


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