Thanks + Help?

Thanks for viewing my site and reading my story 🙂
I wish you have liked it dear readers

This is my first story i have written in my life
The story is based on manga, light novel , games  i have read and done so far and my imagination

Story, for me who my first language isn`t English and don`t even know how to write an story it is quite hard job. But it is fun to do :3

Now here for the help
I want you guys to lend me knowledge, idea , anything
So i can write better > make it interesting > make you guys feel like you want to read more owo

If you help I will be grateful 🙂

About ShiroXx

just a wandrer owo
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6 Responses to Thanks + Help?

  1. Mario says:

    Hi…, well, first if you are not from japan i suggest to read more novels and even if you are from japan read more novels, you can read light novels, but with moderation…stop the cliché it was painfull…write long chapters, after you read more…put every idea you have in paper (i don´t mean the story, but ideas, that is going to make you understand where are you going…i do not care if you have a good memory, mine is almost perfect and i prefer to do that)…check all that and if you can start again…if you do, your novel will be better, i promise.

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    • ShiroXx says:

      Hi + Thanks for answering me Mario + I am not from japan but I am from asia (not going to tell where owo ) + ofc i will read i will read more and more novels and manga so i can get better image but that will happen after i end my exams (tomorrow have exam ;-;) + Well i was just starting my first story so i got help from a manga and the anime of that manga (the manga and the anime`s story was quite different so i tried to mixing them) + Well i thought that if i make long chapters it will make the reader bored and will leave reading the story halfway i mean just think, if you are nowhere near a good writer and you want to write a long story it will just make the reader feel bored and leave just by seeing the first line…so i tried to make small chapters but will try to make it longer in volume 2 + That a good idea will do it…after the exams ;-;… + Will try to improve volume 1 as much as i can but i still need more ideas and more time (Exams ;-;)


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