Chapter 12 : A New World

After travelling for a while the two climbed the hill, the boundary between upper and the lower world from there the only thing they could see was the thick clouds under their feet because they were on a hight place, then from afar a golden rays of light of the morning sun come shone on the clouds and the clouds started to scatter and slowly showing a beautiful nature`s sights , from there the two could see a waterfall that was making beautiful rainbow by absorbing light of the sun and a big forest with thick green trees and on each of the trees fruits with many color could be seen making a lovely sight , a gentle  breeze was coming and making the branches on the tree move sightly and the flowers dancing gently in the air .it was as if all masterpieces of nature gathering around making a majestic art that can make you think it is a just a beautiful dream

“Wohw” (Leo)
Leo looked at this nature art with amazed face then he make a big smile on his face and say

“So this is the lower world, it feel soo nice right Surei” (Leo)

“Yea,but it not like this place is better than our place and the air feel heavier here” (Suyrei)

“Hee~ even through you say that but you are quite amazed by it right” (Leo)
Leo puke Surei a little and Suyrei blush a little

“Arent you like me too” (Suyrei)

“Well of course I am this is the first time I come here” (Leo)

“Heh~” (Suyrei)

“I am so excited hehe, I want to see more of the lower world” (Leo)

“You are like a kid Leo” (Suyrei)

“Oww…” (Leo)

“anyway I want to see this lower world too. I am going you better not left behind and get lost in the forest” (Suyrei)

“You are excited too then you are kid like me too then” (Leo)

“No it is just you” (Suyrei)

“Oww…” (Leo)

then the two started their journey to Shahir


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