Chapter 13 : Traveling Company : Happy Cloud

[Xala Forest] ~ morning time

After crossing the hill the two entered [Xala Forest]

“This place is very Beautiful” (Leo)
Leo said with a sparkling eye (Author : pikapika eye )

“Yea Yea we got it so can you stop saying this every 5 min ?” (Suyrei)

“Booo~ you are boring” (Leo)

“By the way doesn’t this place look familiar to you ?” (Suyrei)

“Hmm…” (Leo)
Leo looked around him

“Ah, we are circling around…” (Leo)

“Yea and it is amazing that you didn’t notice when you were looking around and saying ‘Beautiful’ ” (Suyrei)

“Oww…” (Leo)
Leo looked around him again then he saw a road in a good distance from where they were

“Suyrei look thats a road, if we take it I think we can get out” (Leo)

“Yes I think” (Suyrei)

The two walked to the road and Leo was still looking around.

The more they got close to the road a *pakpakpak* sound could be heard

“What is this sound” (Leo)

When the to got on the road they saw 2 horses polling a cart coming their way

In the cart was 1 man and 1 woman who were wearing adventure cloths and they looked toward Leo and Suyrei , before it get near Leo and Suyrei the man stopped the horses

“Hey there kid , what are you doing here? it is dangerous here you know?” (the man)
The man slowly moved his hand on the sword that was on his waist

Leo understanded what he meant

“I am not familiar with this forest, when I got in I lost my way and just now found the road” (Leo)

“So where were you going ? you didn’t come to this forest just to wander around right?” (the man)

“I was going to Shahir the capital of the Highland I am going to meet someone there” (Leo)

“Hoo~ and who might that be ?” (the man)

“Her name is Lilith Crimson Heart she is a knight in there ” (Leo)

When Leo said that the man and the woman looked at him in shock, well it was just the man…
“Lilith!!? The princess Lilith!?” (the man)

“The princess?” (Leo)
Leo tilted his head

“You are going to meet the princess and don’t even know she is the princess!?” (the man)

“I didn`t know that she is a princess she said she was a knight in Shahir she invited me to take part in the event that will be held in there in few day ” (Leo)

“Ceremony of the sacred sword huh, kid do you want to come with us we are heading to Shahir too ” (the man)

“I am not very familiar with these places so I might get lost again if I go alone so yes thank you” (Leo)

“my name is Kaz and she is Diana, we are The Traveling Company : Happy Cloud, what about you kid” (Kaz)

“My name is Leo and I am in your care” (Leo)


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