Chapter 14 : The Spirit Bird

[Xala Forest-north region ]~ afternoon time

“hmm how long is the road to Shaher ?” (Leo)

“it is close we will reach it in one day at our pace” (Kaz)

“That pretty close!” (Leo)

Leo looked at Suyrei with a happy face and Suyrei sighed and smiled

“By the way Kaz san what do you trade?” (Leo)

“We trade many things but our main trade is handmade works and medicine” (Kaz)

“Handmade ?” (Leo)

“Yes, we buy them from small villages for a reasonable price and sell them in city for good price and Diana make items when we are traveling and we sell them, don’t be surprised what she make is first class and they sell for quiet high price!” (Kaz)

“Hmm…” (Leo)

Leo looked at Diana and saw that she was cutting  wood with a knife after a while she done cutting it, when Leo saw it, he was amazed and Suyrei was the same as him

“Wow that a really beautiful bird it look so real that it is like it will fly at any moment!” (Leo)

“Hehe told ya her works are first class you will never see anything better than what she makes even in royal places!” (Kaz)

“Wow” (Leo)

Leo looked at Diana and asked something

“Diana san what is that bird name?” (Leo)

But she looked at the bird silently

“……” (Diana)

“Hmm?” (Leo)

“……” (Diana)

Diana looked away and ignored Leo

“Ah, did i say something that offended her ?” (Leo)

Kaz let out a sigh then said

“No, she may be like that but she is just shy and don’t talk much inside of her she is likely throwing a party because of your prise Ahahahaha ” (Kaz)

Kaz laughed then Diana looked at him sharply and he stopped laughing

“Ohm, the bird that Diana made is Khah bird” (Kaz)

“Khah bird?” (Leo)

“Yes they are legendary birds that few people say that they saw them” (Kaz)

“Hmm…” (Leo)

“They are also called spirit bird” (Kaz)

“Why is that ?” (Leo)

“There is a legend about them that says the person that see Khah bird his spirit get purified and they will lead him/her to the right path and give him/her a special powers that normal person don’t have it, some also say that they are the spirits that protect “The world with the heroes of the sacred weapons, it is quiet crazy story for a little bird right ahahaha” (Kaz)

“Hmm? then how Diana san know how the bird look like ?” (Leo)

“She says that she saw one when she was kid but other people couldn’t see it, you saw what she made just now right? she says that the Khah bird that she make isn’t even close to the real one`s beauty , that quiet crazy right ? and about the legend that I said before, I don’t really know about it but Diana is very talented person in every aspect, I sometime feel that she is wasting her time here with me but when I tell her that she shook her head and don’t want to leave” (Kaz)

The Kaz pat Diana`s head and Diana blushed a little then Kaz looked at the sky and saw the sun coming down

“It is about to get dark we have to get out of the forest before nightfall because there is some dangerous monsters in this forest , there is a village after this forest so it is better to stay there until the morning then get to Shaher” (Kaz)

“Okay” (Leo)

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