Chapter 15 : Grevain Soup

In a village near Xala forest~ almost night-time

Kaz gone to talk to the Villagers for Permission to stay in one of the house and co was waiting for him near the cart

“He is taking a long time…” (Leo)

“Leo do you trust that guy ?” (Suyrei)

“Well yes he look like a good guy” (Leo)

“…” (Suyrei)

Suyrei looked at him blankly in silent

“What?” (Leo)

Suyrei let out a sigh and said…

“Well … just be careful” (Suyrei)

Then Suyrei looked around and said *Ah* like he remembered something

“By the way that girl (Diana) I feel strange aura near her” (Suyrei)

“Ah no you mention it I felt same too I wonder what is that” (Leo)

Leo looked at Diana who was sculpting on wood with her knife without minding her surrounding

“Dont tell me she is a Hellion!!?” (Leo)

“No she is not this one is different, you should have already know, Hellion`s Aura is violent , gloomy and full of malice but this one is gentle? and I don’t feel malice or something like that” (Suyrei)

“Hmm…” (Leo)

Then Kaz come out of the villager house and walked the where the co are

“Sorry for making you wait, this villager is my friend when I talked to him I forgot everything Hahaha, anyway *(we can stay at his house)* he said so come on ” (Kaz)

Then Kaz parked the cart near the house and put the horse in the stable and then the four entered the house…


After entering the house the villager and his wife greeted them warmly the two looked quite young in first half of their twenty, the two`s cloth was dark blue color, it didn’t look very good but wasnt bad ether they looked normal their face too looked normal

The villager guided them to their room on the second floor and said with a smile

“Please leave your belongings here and come for the dinner my wife made a delicious dinner so look forward to it” (Villager)

Then he left to the first floor

The co put their belongings in the room

“I will wait in the room Leo” (Suyrei)

Leo Nodded in respond

Then Kaz said

“Okay shall we go ?” (Kaz)

Leo nodded and Diana was as silent as ever and Suyrei was just silently watching Kaz (Author : I mean Suyrei is spirit lel) and the three left to the first floor


When they come down the stairs they saw a 1.5m long and 1m wide table on the center of the room that wasnt there when they entered the house with a six chairs, two chairs on the each of two sides and one chair on each of the fronts.
On the table was one roasted chicken and a pot with a greenish soup in it

“Hohohoho that a nice dish you have cooked there wife-chan~” (Kaz)

“Sa sa come and set” (the villager)

Kaz and villager sat on one of the fronts and Leo on the right side and Diana on the left side and the villager wife put a dish in front of each of them and pour the greenish soup in it then she sat on the chair in the left side of the table near her husband

With a smile the villager said
“Now please dig in!” (the villager)

The co grabbed their spoon and started eating…

When Leo moved his spoon that was full of the greenish soup next to his mount a sweet smell tickled his nose then he swallowed it…his eye opened Wide then he stared at the greenish soup for a second then he eat it so fast like there was no tomorrow

The soup was Sweet and little Sour and was delicious and had a refreshing feeling when you eat it make you want to eat more and more

“Ahahahaha look like the lad over here liked the soup so much” (Kaz)

the villager`s wife smiled happily and said
“We have so much of it if you like” (the villager`s wife)

“It is really GOOD, what is this soup ?” (Leo)

Kaz looked at the villager and nodded then the villager looked at him and nodded back and then he started talking

“This is the village special [Grevain Soup] it is a soup made from a green fruit that grow on certain trees in the [Xala forest]” (the villager)

“Hmm~” (Leo)

“This green fruit is a Hard and sour and little bitter fruit” (the villager)

“But this soup is this good how is that possible? ” (Leo)

“There is a trick in that, when you cut this fruit in half and drop small amount of salt on it and heat it and then leave it for a 3 days it become soft and sweet like this” (the villager)

“Oh” (Leo)

“This fruit is not just for food, if you heat it then cut it then put it in soil will make the tree in that place have more and richer fruits” (the villager)

“Now now lets not just talk about the fruit…” (Kaz)

Then Kaz hold his dish and said

“Wife-chan another one!!” (Kaz)

And after him…

“Me too please!” (Leo)

Diana too looked like she wanted to have more of the soup too

“…” (Diana)

“Hehehe okay wait for a bit” (the villager`s wife)

The villager`s wife pour Grevain Soup for the three then they eat until they were full and said their good night and gone to their room to sleep…


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