Chapter 17 : A Way To Stop the Disaster (First Answer)

In the Village near Xala Forest ~ morning

After soundly sleeping in the night Leo got up then grabbed his bag then with Suyrei he left his room then left the house without making much noise

When he opened the door (of the house) there were three persons waiting outside

One was a man in his forty had quite tall,large and muscle body,had dark brown hair and light brown colored skin his eye was like his hair color and had a scar near his eye,and was wearing adventure cloth and he was pumping with energy

Second one was a woman in her twenty that was not very tall and not very small about normal and had a soft and slender body,black silky long hair that come down to her waist and had a white skin and her eye`s were black ,her face was beautiful but expressionless like a doll and was wearing adventure cloth like the man

And the third one was….. just the villager…

“Good morning Kaz-san Diana-san villager-san” (Leo)

Leo greeted the three
the first one to say his greeting was the man with the large body Kaz

“Good morning Leo!” (Kaz)

after him was the villager

“Good morning” (the villager)

“….” (Diana)

Diana was silent like always…

“Should we go” (Leo)

“Yea ,but before that…” (Kaz)

Kaz looked at the villager and nodded then the villager took out a two small bag from his cloth and handed it over to Leo then said with a smile…

“In this is bag Grevain Fruit seed, and in this bag is magical powder, I want you to have them” (the villager)

Leo titled his head then said…

“Why you give it to me?” (Leo)

“Do you know about the world resources problem ?” (the villager)

“Yes I heard about it” (Leo)

“And the way to fix that problem is in these two bags, the Grevain tree wont grow in other lands like I said last night,that’s the truth, but there is other way to make this tree grow in other lands and that way is in this bag” (the villager)

he pointed to the bag that had magical powder in it then said …

“One month ago one of the villagers figured out a way to grow it and that is by mixing the soil that you want to plant this seed in with this magical powder with water and after just two days the seed will grow into small tree” (the villager)

“Oh!” (Leo)

“That’s  why I need your help, the country right now is in disaster so there is no one to ask other than you and Kaz san, Please plant these seeds in every village, city you go to” (the villager)

The villager bowed  to Leo and Kaz

Kaz let out a sigh then said

“Now now no need to be like this we will help Right ?” (Kaz)

Leo nodded

“I will! ,No please let me do it!!” (Leo)

Then he grabbed the two bag from villager hand and he put it in his own bag

“Now should we go ?” (Kaz)

Leo nodded then the four (Leo-Suyrei-Kaz-Diana) Started going to the Shaher…


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