Chapter 17 : A Way To Stop the Disaster (First Answer)

In the Village near Xala Forest ~ morning

After soundly sleeping in the night Leo got up then grabbed his bag then with Suyrei he left his room then left the house without making much noise

When he opened the door (of the house) there were three persons waiting outside

One was a man in his forty had quite tall,large and muscle body,had dark brown hair and light brown colored skin his eye was like his hair color and had a scar near his eye,and was wearing adventure cloth and he was pumping with energy

Second one was a woman in her twenty that was not very tall and not very small about normal and had a soft and slender body,black silky long hair that come down to her waist and had a white skin and her eye`s were black ,her face was beautiful but expressionless like a doll and was wearing adventure cloth like the man

And the third one was….. just the villager…

“Good morning Kaz-san Diana-san villager-san” (Leo)

Leo greeted the three
the first one to say his greeting was the man with the large body Kaz

“Good morning Leo!” (Kaz)

after him was the villager

“Good morning” (the villager)

“….” (Diana)

Diana was silent like always…

“Should we go” (Leo)

“Yea ,but before that…” (Kaz)

Kaz looked at the villager and nodded then the villager took out a two small bag from his cloth and handed it over to Leo then said with a smile…

“In this is bag Grevain Fruit seed, and in this bag is magical powder, I want you to have them” (the villager)

Leo titled his head then said…

“Why you give it to me?” (Leo)

“Do you know about the world resources problem ?” (the villager)

“Yes I heard about it” (Leo)

“And the way to fix that problem is in these two bags, the Grevain tree wont grow in other lands like I said last night,that’s the truth, but there is other way to make this tree grow in other lands and that way is in this bag” (the villager)

he pointed to the bag that had magical powder in it then said …

“One month ago one of the villagers figured out a way to grow it and that is by mixing the soil that you want to plant this seed in with this magical powder with water and after just two days the seed will grow into small tree” (the villager)

“Oh!” (Leo)

“That’s  why I need your help, the country right now is in disaster so there is no one to ask other than you and Kaz san, Please plant these seeds in every village, city you go to” (the villager)

The villager bowed  to Leo and Kaz

Kaz let out a sigh then said

“Now now no need to be like this we will help Right ?” (Kaz)

Leo nodded

“I will! ,No please let me do it!!” (Leo)

Then he grabbed the two bag from villager hand and he put it in his own bag

“Now should we go ?” (Kaz)

Leo nodded then the four (Leo-Suyrei-Kaz-Diana) Started going to the Shaher…


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Chapter 16 : One who Hid in darkness (“just a Stalker so don`t mind me Tehe~” (???) )

In a house of a village near Xala forest~ night

After the dinner everyone gone to their room to get some rest

When Leo entered his room Suyrei was setting while putting his right leg on his left leg on the bed reading a book then he closed the book and looked at Leo and Said…

“So how was it ?” (Suyrei)

“How was What?” (Leo)

“Living with humans like yourself, how was it ?” (Suyrei)

Leo started thinking then said…

“Hmm…it felt strange, after living with you and gramps and the others in village for all those years it feel strange to be with humans but it doesn’t look very different between here and there, there is still that warm feeling” (Leo)

Suyrei looked at him silently then muttered in low voice…

” ‘Warm feeling’ huh?” (Suyrei)

Then he looked closed his eyes for a while then opened it and looked through the window into direction of mountains in the east…

Mean while~

Somewhere in the village near Xala Forest ~

In the Darkness of the night someone was silently watching Leo and Suyrei while hiding his/her presence

“…” (???)

Then He/She said in low voice…

“He is the new one huh? looks like we will have some fun together nihihi~” (???)

The one who hid in darkness giggled then said

“lets meet again young one…Nihihihihi~” (???)

Then the laughing stopped and the one who hid in the darkness disappeared as if nothing was there without anyone noticing and the silent once again consumed the space…


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Chapter 15 : Grevain Soup

In a village near Xala forest~ almost night-time

Kaz gone to talk to the Villagers for Permission to stay in one of the house and co was waiting for him near the cart

“He is taking a long time…” (Leo)

“Leo do you trust that guy ?” (Suyrei)

“Well yes he look like a good guy” (Leo)

“…” (Suyrei)

Suyrei looked at him blankly in silent

“What?” (Leo)

Suyrei let out a sigh and said…

“Well … just be careful” (Suyrei)

Then Suyrei looked around and said *Ah* like he remembered something

“By the way that girl (Diana) I feel strange aura near her” (Suyrei)

“Ah no you mention it I felt same too I wonder what is that” (Leo)

Leo looked at Diana who was sculpting on wood with her knife without minding her surrounding

“Dont tell me she is a Hellion!!?” (Leo)

“No she is not this one is different, you should have already know, Hellion`s Aura is violent , gloomy and full of malice but this one is gentle? and I don’t feel malice or something like that” (Suyrei)

“Hmm…” (Leo)

Then Kaz come out of the villager house and walked the where the co are

“Sorry for making you wait, this villager is my friend when I talked to him I forgot everything Hahaha, anyway *(we can stay at his house)* he said so come on ” (Kaz)

Then Kaz parked the cart near the house and put the horse in the stable and then the four entered the house…


After entering the house the villager and his wife greeted them warmly the two looked quite young in first half of their twenty, the two`s cloth was dark blue color, it didn’t look very good but wasnt bad ether they looked normal their face too looked normal

The villager guided them to their room on the second floor and said with a smile

“Please leave your belongings here and come for the dinner my wife made a delicious dinner so look forward to it” (Villager)

Then he left to the first floor

The co put their belongings in the room

“I will wait in the room Leo” (Suyrei)

Leo Nodded in respond

Then Kaz said

“Okay shall we go ?” (Kaz)

Leo nodded and Diana was as silent as ever and Suyrei was just silently watching Kaz (Author : I mean Suyrei is spirit lel) and the three left to the first floor


When they come down the stairs they saw a 1.5m long and 1m wide table on the center of the room that wasnt there when they entered the house with a six chairs, two chairs on the each of two sides and one chair on each of the fronts.
On the table was one roasted chicken and a pot with a greenish soup in it

“Hohohoho that a nice dish you have cooked there wife-chan~” (Kaz)

“Sa sa come and set” (the villager)

Kaz and villager sat on one of the fronts and Leo on the right side and Diana on the left side and the villager wife put a dish in front of each of them and pour the greenish soup in it then she sat on the chair in the left side of the table near her husband

With a smile the villager said
“Now please dig in!” (the villager)

The co grabbed their spoon and started eating…

When Leo moved his spoon that was full of the greenish soup next to his mount a sweet smell tickled his nose then he swallowed it…his eye opened Wide then he stared at the greenish soup for a second then he eat it so fast like there was no tomorrow

The soup was Sweet and little Sour and was delicious and had a refreshing feeling when you eat it make you want to eat more and more

“Ahahahaha look like the lad over here liked the soup so much” (Kaz)

the villager`s wife smiled happily and said
“We have so much of it if you like” (the villager`s wife)

“It is really GOOD, what is this soup ?” (Leo)

Kaz looked at the villager and nodded then the villager looked at him and nodded back and then he started talking

“This is the village special [Grevain Soup] it is a soup made from a green fruit that grow on certain trees in the [Xala forest]” (the villager)

“Hmm~” (Leo)

“This green fruit is a Hard and sour and little bitter fruit” (the villager)

“But this soup is this good how is that possible? ” (Leo)

“There is a trick in that, when you cut this fruit in half and drop small amount of salt on it and heat it and then leave it for a 3 days it become soft and sweet like this” (the villager)

“Oh” (Leo)

“This fruit is not just for food, if you heat it then cut it then put it in soil will make the tree in that place have more and richer fruits” (the villager)

“Now now lets not just talk about the fruit…” (Kaz)

Then Kaz hold his dish and said

“Wife-chan another one!!” (Kaz)

And after him…

“Me too please!” (Leo)

Diana too looked like she wanted to have more of the soup too

“…” (Diana)

“Hehehe okay wait for a bit” (the villager`s wife)

The villager`s wife pour Grevain Soup for the three then they eat until they were full and said their good night and gone to their room to sleep…


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Chapter 14 : The Spirit Bird

[Xala Forest-north region ]~ afternoon time

“hmm how long is the road to Shaher ?” (Leo)

“it is close we will reach it in one day at our pace” (Kaz)

“That pretty close!” (Leo)

Leo looked at Suyrei with a happy face and Suyrei sighed and smiled

“By the way Kaz san what do you trade?” (Leo)

“We trade many things but our main trade is handmade works and medicine” (Kaz)

“Handmade ?” (Leo)

“Yes, we buy them from small villages for a reasonable price and sell them in city for good price and Diana make items when we are traveling and we sell them, don’t be surprised what she make is first class and they sell for quiet high price!” (Kaz)

“Hmm…” (Leo)

Leo looked at Diana and saw that she was cutting  wood with a knife after a while she done cutting it, when Leo saw it, he was amazed and Suyrei was the same as him

“Wow that a really beautiful bird it look so real that it is like it will fly at any moment!” (Leo)

“Hehe told ya her works are first class you will never see anything better than what she makes even in royal places!” (Kaz)

“Wow” (Leo)

Leo looked at Diana and asked something

“Diana san what is that bird name?” (Leo)

But she looked at the bird silently

“……” (Diana)

“Hmm?” (Leo)

“……” (Diana)

Diana looked away and ignored Leo

“Ah, did i say something that offended her ?” (Leo)

Kaz let out a sigh then said

“No, she may be like that but she is just shy and don’t talk much inside of her she is likely throwing a party because of your prise Ahahahaha ” (Kaz)

Kaz laughed then Diana looked at him sharply and he stopped laughing

“Ohm, the bird that Diana made is Khah bird” (Kaz)

“Khah bird?” (Leo)

“Yes they are legendary birds that few people say that they saw them” (Kaz)

“Hmm…” (Leo)

“They are also called spirit bird” (Kaz)

“Why is that ?” (Leo)

“There is a legend about them that says the person that see Khah bird his spirit get purified and they will lead him/her to the right path and give him/her a special powers that normal person don’t have it, some also say that they are the spirits that protect “The world with the heroes of the sacred weapons, it is quiet crazy story for a little bird right ahahaha” (Kaz)

“Hmm? then how Diana san know how the bird look like ?” (Leo)

“She says that she saw one when she was kid but other people couldn’t see it, you saw what she made just now right? she says that the Khah bird that she make isn’t even close to the real one`s beauty , that quiet crazy right ? and about the legend that I said before, I don’t really know about it but Diana is very talented person in every aspect, I sometime feel that she is wasting her time here with me but when I tell her that she shook her head and don’t want to leave” (Kaz)

The Kaz pat Diana`s head and Diana blushed a little then Kaz looked at the sky and saw the sun coming down

“It is about to get dark we have to get out of the forest before nightfall because there is some dangerous monsters in this forest , there is a village after this forest so it is better to stay there until the morning then get to Shaher” (Kaz)

“Okay” (Leo)

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Chapter 13 : Traveling Company : Happy Cloud

[Xala Forest] ~ morning time

After crossing the hill the two entered [Xala Forest]

“This place is very Beautiful” (Leo)
Leo said with a sparkling eye (Author : pikapika eye )

“Yea Yea we got it so can you stop saying this every 5 min ?” (Suyrei)

“Booo~ you are boring” (Leo)

“By the way doesn’t this place look familiar to you ?” (Suyrei)

“Hmm…” (Leo)
Leo looked around him

“Ah, we are circling around…” (Leo)

“Yea and it is amazing that you didn’t notice when you were looking around and saying ‘Beautiful’ ” (Suyrei)

“Oww…” (Leo)
Leo looked around him again then he saw a road in a good distance from where they were

“Suyrei look thats a road, if we take it I think we can get out” (Leo)

“Yes I think” (Suyrei)

The two walked to the road and Leo was still looking around.

The more they got close to the road a *pakpakpak* sound could be heard

“What is this sound” (Leo)

When the to got on the road they saw 2 horses polling a cart coming their way

In the cart was 1 man and 1 woman who were wearing adventure cloths and they looked toward Leo and Suyrei , before it get near Leo and Suyrei the man stopped the horses

“Hey there kid , what are you doing here? it is dangerous here you know?” (the man)
The man slowly moved his hand on the sword that was on his waist

Leo understanded what he meant

“I am not familiar with this forest, when I got in I lost my way and just now found the road” (Leo)

“So where were you going ? you didn’t come to this forest just to wander around right?” (the man)

“I was going to Shahir the capital of the Highland I am going to meet someone there” (Leo)

“Hoo~ and who might that be ?” (the man)

“Her name is Lilith Crimson Heart she is a knight in there ” (Leo)

When Leo said that the man and the woman looked at him in shock, well it was just the man…
“Lilith!!? The princess Lilith!?” (the man)

“The princess?” (Leo)
Leo tilted his head

“You are going to meet the princess and don’t even know she is the princess!?” (the man)

“I didn`t know that she is a princess she said she was a knight in Shahir she invited me to take part in the event that will be held in there in few day ” (Leo)

“Ceremony of the sacred sword huh, kid do you want to come with us we are heading to Shahir too ” (the man)

“I am not very familiar with these places so I might get lost again if I go alone so yes thank you” (Leo)

“my name is Kaz and she is Diana, we are The Traveling Company : Happy Cloud, what about you kid” (Kaz)

“My name is Leo and I am in your care” (Leo)


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Chapter 12 : A New World

After travelling for a while the two climbed the hill, the boundary between upper and the lower world from there the only thing they could see was the thick clouds under their feet because they were on a hight place, then from afar a golden rays of light of the morning sun come shone on the clouds and the clouds started to scatter and slowly showing a beautiful nature`s sights , from there the two could see a waterfall that was making beautiful rainbow by absorbing light of the sun and a big forest with thick green trees and on each of the trees fruits with many color could be seen making a lovely sight , a gentle  breeze was coming and making the branches on the tree move sightly and the flowers dancing gently in the air .it was as if all masterpieces of nature gathering around making a majestic art that can make you think it is a just a beautiful dream

“Wohw” (Leo)
Leo looked at this nature art with amazed face then he make a big smile on his face and say

“So this is the lower world, it feel soo nice right Surei” (Leo)

“Yea,but it not like this place is better than our place and the air feel heavier here” (Suyrei)

“Hee~ even through you say that but you are quite amazed by it right” (Leo)
Leo puke Surei a little and Suyrei blush a little

“Arent you like me too” (Suyrei)

“Well of course I am this is the first time I come here” (Leo)

“Heh~” (Suyrei)

“I am so excited hehe, I want to see more of the lower world” (Leo)

“You are like a kid Leo” (Suyrei)

“Oww…” (Leo)

“anyway I want to see this lower world too. I am going you better not left behind and get lost in the forest” (Suyrei)

“You are excited too then you are kid like me too then” (Leo)

“No it is just you” (Suyrei)

“Oww…” (Leo)

then the two started their journey to Shahir


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Thanks + Help?

Thanks for viewing my site and reading my story 🙂
I wish you have liked it dear readers

This is my first story i have written in my life
The story is based on manga, light novel , games  i have read and done so far and my imagination

Story, for me who my first language isn`t English and don`t even know how to write an story it is quite hard job. But it is fun to do :3

Now here for the help
I want you guys to lend me knowledge, idea , anything
So i can write better > make it interesting > make you guys feel like you want to read more owo

If you help I will be grateful 🙂

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Chapter 11 : the one who believes and the one who sees

Next day ~ near the entrance of the village ~ morning time

Lilith was in front of the Leo bowing

“Leo thanks you so much for your help” (Lilith)

“Be careful okay?” (Leo)

then with a low voice Lilith said…

“…I” (Lilith)

“?” (Leo)

“I truly believe that the great spirits exist, that the legends appearing in the celestial records are not just make-believe stories and that the person able to take care of the distress occurring in the world is -” (Lilith)

“The Heroes, right ?” (Leo)

“You`re not laughing at that even though everyone in the capital made fun of it” (Lilith)

*With a Smile*
” That`s because I believe the same thing as well” (Leo)

After Lilith heard that she smiled happily

Then Leo looked around himself and saw Surei , the elder and the other villigers spirits standing beside him then thought….

“(I mean they are my family and they are right beside me)” (Leo)

“Ah by the way the ceremony of the sacred sword will soon take place in Shahir there will also be the trial of the sword as mentioned in [The Legend Of The Mighty Heroes]… Leo wouldn’t you try participating in that trial as well?” (Lilith)

“Eh!?” (Leo)

“The Hero from the legend… I think they would probably be a person like you… “(Lilith)

Then Lilith bowed again then walked into the direction of Shahir while Leo watched her leaving
Leo`s house~night time

Leo was lying on his bed hugging [Celestial Records] while spacing out and Surei was sitting on the bed while reading a book

“What`s wrong Leo you`ve been spacing out during the entire day” (Suyrei)

“Yeah…” (Leo)

“Please try thinking about gramps feeling too okay ?” (Suyrei)

“Yeah…” (Leo)

Surei sighed then shut the book then left the house

“…..” (Leo)

Leo hold the book in front of him then got up

“(I guess I will make preparation)” (Leo)

Then Leo stated preparing himself for his journey


Near the village entrance~ night time

“Leaving alone without saying anything… gramps and Surei are probably gonna be Furious” (Leo)

Leo breathe as deep as he could then let it out


“To where ?” (Surei)

Leo looked behind him and saw Surei that looked at him with a poker face

” Su-Surei…” (Leo)
Leo looked at Surei with pale face

“You`re going to the outside world right ?” (Suyrei)

Surei let out a sigh

*With a gloomy face*
“I had this feeling…” (Suyrei)

“Um… I…” (Leo)

“You`re not going off by yourself” (Suyrei)

“Eh!” (Leo)

“I am going too” (Suyrei)

When Leo heard that he looked suprised at Surei then he smiled happily

“Thanks Surei i`m so happy you`re coming with me” (Leo)

Surei blushed then closed his eye and turned his head away

“That`s because someone who can`t tell a single lie like you wouldn`t be able to live alone among the humans” (Suyrei)

(Author : haha we have a Tsundere here XD )

“Haha… well that`s true “(Leo)

“….”(Leo and Suyrei)
The two looked at each other silently with a gloomy face for a while then Leo said

“Gramps will be angry at us “(Leo)

“Gramps was prepared. that you`d someday go out on a journey” (Suyrei)

“You`re exaggerating. it`s not like I will never see him anymore” (Leo)

“Gramps can tell. when you leave, you will live with the humans”(Suyrei)

Surei took out a pipe from his cloth

“Gramps told me to give you this” (Suyrei)

It was a long pipe that was made from colorful stone

“This is gramps… but why is he giving this to me ?” (Leo)

“He said you will need money in the human society. he wants you to sell it if you need money. and there`s also a message, *(be free, and live the life you`ve chosen with all you have)* that`s what he said” (Suyrei)

“…..” (Leo)

“Oh and he give this one too” (Suyrei)

Surei took out a glove that had a strange mark on it

“This is… the symbol of the Heroes!!!” (Leo)

*With a Grin*
“Yes it is now try to get it from me you hero” (Suyrei)

“Hey wait ” (Leo)


After a while of chasing

The two were on the ground breathing heavily

“Ah… ah… ah…you win” (Suyrei)

” ah… ah…ah…hahaha”(Leo)

Then the two slowly stand up and look at the village like as if it was the last time they will see it , after that Leo and Surei breathe as deep as they could then let it out

“Okay let’s go” (Leo)


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Chapter 10 : The Lurking Darkness In The World

When Leo left the elder house some of the villagers Waved their hands and near them Lilith was sleeping while lying on one of the boulders near the lake then he run to her
then with a small voice said..

“I`m sorry I took so long. you must be tired” (Leo)

Lilith slowly opened her eye

“It`s fine. are you done?” (Lilith)

Leo nodded

Then two walked to the house and entered it

When they entered Lilith looked around the house
In Leo`s house was many books on the ground and in the bookshelf , there was a shelf on the wall that had many thing like pot,dishes,mirror , etc and more books on it and a bed in the right side of the room and in the center was a small wooden table and the fireplace was in the end of the room

“You rest here I will make some food” (Leo)

Then Leo started preparing food.

In Leo`s house~ night time

after he done cooking he put the food on the table

“thanks for waiting, now dig in!” (Leo)

On the table, in one dish was two big chicken leg, on other dish was some fruits and the side dish was a yellow soup and the main dish was a rice with a red sauce on it and a small red Cubic jelly like thing scattered around it

“This is… “(Lilith)

Leo With a sparkling eye and a bright smile said
“Hehehe, it is food I made it myself” (Leo)

Lilith grabbed the spoon and tried to eat one of the Cubic jelly things with a half disliked face she did it forcefully just out of manner, then when she gulped it

“It`s very delicious!” (Lilith)
she was amazed with the deliciousness of the food

“Hehe, By the way you came from the capital right? what king of place is it ?” (Leo)

“The place I live in is the capital of the kingdom of highland [Shaher]” (Lilith)

*With a sparkling eye*
“Shaher, you mean the one in the legend of the Sacred Weapons ?! spear, bow , hammer and sword (Author : VERY SORRY READERS ;w; , I wanted to put the shield but he is SO OP I mean he is God lel so I though that hammer is better (at least weaker :v ) ), Shaher is where the sacred sword is ” (Leo)

*Lilith nodded*
“You`re well informed” (Lilith)

*With a PikaPika eye*
“It was in the celestial records the legend says that the one able to draw out the sacred Weapon protected by the Great spirit will become the chosen one , one of those who fight the calamity to bring the peace to the world, right” (Leo)

“the celestial record have you read them as well ?” (Lilith)

Leo nodded

*Again with pikachu eye*

Leo showed Lilith a book that had a strange mark on the cover and was written [Celestial Records] under the mark

*with a cheerful face and pikapika eye*
” *As well* does that means…” (Leo)

*with a Cheerful face*
“Yes I`ve read them countless times since i was a child” (Lilith)

*Then suddenly Lilith face become gloomy*
“My hometown Shaher is a capital blessed with water sources , it used to be full of people fond of festivals and drinking” (Lilith)

“Hmm..? *used to* ?” (Leo)

“It was certainly the case… in the past” (Lilith)

“Life`s hard for the people outside too, huh?” (Leo)

“Outside ?” (Lilith)

“I mean the people who live beyond the mountain.  I`ve never actually left this place” (Leo)

*With Surprised face*
“You`ve always lived here all by yourself ?!!” (Lilith)

“Ahaha… but you know I`ve read them again and again since I was a kid”(Leo)

Leo closed his eyes then moved his right hand near his heart then said *my dream…*

“Is to someday explore all the Ruins present in this world” (Leo and Lilith)

*With a surprised face*
“Eh!” (Leo)

“Anyone who has read the celestial records would say that , that includes me but with the current state of the world we cannot talk about such a dream anymore” (Lilith)

“?” (Leo)

“Could we perhaps go outside for a while?” ( Lilith)

Then the two gone outside of the house


Under the light of the moon the two sat on a boulder near the lake, after a little silence Lilith started talking ….

“…For several decades now, unexplainable disasters have been occurring in the whole world” (Lilith)

“Disasters ?” (Leo)

“From mysterious monsters to everlasting storms people suddenly spontaneously combusting there are even absurd rumors of corpses walking again… because of all those events occurring around the world all our resources will probably diminish in the near future,and famine will follow and the worst problem of all : as countries lose their resources, they might wage war over the remaining ones once that happens we wont be able to stop it…” (Lilith)

” Isnt there any other way ?” (Leo)

“I couldn`t think of any which is why i`m turning to the legends and going on a journey to find clues… I couldn`t find any though”(Lilith)

“so that why you came here…[The Legend Of The Mighty Heroes]…” (Leo)

“Long ago in the mythical era, whenever the world was covered in darkness he would always make his appearance to reclaim the light” (Lilith)

“Even as time passes, whenever the world falls into calamity people will speak of the legend and pray for salvation… at this moment,the heroes will appear and rid the world of darkness however…” (Leo)

“Once peace befalls onto people the heroes will vanish from their hearts ,only leaving the legend behind…” (Lilith)

Then Leo in small voice muttered

“(The Heroes)” (Leo)


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Chapter 9 : Ralysia the village of spirits

[Aine Forest: underground ruin]~ evening time

After walking for a while dim light could be seen from the distance

“That`s… the exit” (Leo)

The light got stronger with every step they took and then they finally got on the surface … The time was around evening and in the area around them was many trees

“This place… I think it is south of [Aine Forest] my village is near here so let’s go” (Leo)

Lilith nodded

“(…. We didn’t get the materials that the gramps told us to get plus we are even bringing a human to the village we are lucky if gramps don’t kill us …)” (Suyrei)

Then the three walked in the village direction

Near the entrance of the village~

“This is my village [Ralysia] ” (Leo)

In the area that Leo pointed was grass and some big boulders and a small lake and because it was on the mountain a clouds near the ground could be seen but no house could be seen in there

“Hm, but I don’t see anything” (Lilith)

“Come” (Leo)

“To where ?” (Lilith)

“Just come” (Leo)

After moving around 5 steps on the sixth step half of Leo`s body disappeared

“Eh!!?” (Lilith)

“Don`t worry it is gramps barrier he put it to prevent the entry of invaders” (Leo)

“Leo, you sure about letting a stranger like me in your village ?” (Lilith)

” Well you don’t look like a bad guy so isn’t it fine ?” (Leo)
Leo said with a smile
then Lilith let out a small smile in response to Leo

“…..” (Suyrei)
Suyrei was just watching those two silently

Then after the next step Leo disappeared then his hand appeared and moved like it is saying “come in” then Lilith walked slowly and entered the barrier of the village

After that Lilith looked around the area and saw some ancient pillars that was made from pretty colored stones and few houses that were made from stones like the one in the pillars

” Your village is very beautiful” (Lilith)
Lilith said with amazed face

” Hehehe… it is… isn’t it” (Leo)

“Leo I will go inform gramps about this” (Suyrei)

” I guess we can`t keep it a secret~” (Leo)

” You will come after this right” (Suyrei)

Leo nodded and after that Suyrei walked to the house in the center of the village and entered it

” Come Lilith” (Leo)

After walking for a while villagers noticed Leo and their eye was wide open when they saw Lilith

” Oi oi Leo why did you brought a human to the village ?” (Villager1)

” Yea the elder wont stay silent on this one Leo” (Villager2)

“I  will talk to gramps after i lead her to my house” (Leo)

” Hmm… Leo to who are you talking ?” (Lilith)

” Ahh, nobody” (Leo)

Just after that a bright Lightning come out from nowhere and hit the house that Suyrei entered

” (Crap gramps is really angry)” (Leo)
Leo`s face become pale

” What was that!!?” (Lilith)

” Ah…nothing this happen sometimes but don’t worry it will happen just near that house” (Leo)

“….” (Lilith)

” Anyway don’t worry…ah and Lilith that’s my house you can go ahead and rest there. I have to go inform gramps about your coming” (Leo)

” Is it all right if I look around the village ?” (Lilith)

” Hmm, sure just don`t make anyone angry, there are some spirits living here” (Leo)

” Hehehe you are a funny guy… okay I will be careful to not make them angry” (Lilith)

” Hehehe” (Leo)

After this Leo Rushed to the house in the center entered it and after a moment another lightning hit the house
” !!!” (Lilith)

” (This place is beautiful but strange…)” (Lilith)

Lilith walked to Leo`s house and looked around her

” (It is strange there is nobody here… it is really strange )” (Lilith)

Then she wondered around the village

In the center house~

When Leo entered the biggest house in front of him was an old person that the hair near his forehead that was going upward (Author :Mhm… Ahoge) and two hair that was on the sides of his head was going backward had a yellow color and was like a lightning other than that was white hair (Like any old man) that was tied from back , you could see so many wrinks on his face duo to age , the elder had brown skin and small build, the elder was sitting on circular carpet with a long pipe in his left hand and a Rage aura coming out of him

” YOU FOOLS!!!” (the elder)

The elder yell at the two and a lightning striked the house the two sat down on knee with a pale face


” I`m sorry gramps I just couldn’t leave her… ” (Leo)
Leo said with apologetic face

The elder let out a sigh
“Humans will only bring misfortune to this land i`ve always told you that haven`t I “(the elder)

“I`m also a human” (Leo)

“…..”(the elder)

The elder let out a sigh again
” You`ve always lived together with us, since you were just a baby, you`re able to sense our presence and converse with us those are things an ordinary human cannot do this is the huge difference between you and them” (the elder)

“Even so she`s the first human Leo met” (suyrei)

elder looked at the two with a serious face
“I wouldn’t call someone who cannot see or hear things in the same way as we do a companion we can live together with… for the sake of protecting you as well as this place we must remove unnecessary invaders, once she finishes her preparations tomorrow we will send her back to lower world understood ?” (the elder)

“Yes…” (Leo)
Then Leo walked toward the door with a *plodplod* sound and a depressed face and leaved the house

With a worried face
“Gramps…” (Suyrei)

“I understand Suyrei,  that’s boy`s feelings are straightforward and sincere, that is exactly why I am worried about him” (the elder)


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